April 16, 2007

Deja vu all over again.

Current events are eerily similar to those immediately preceding WWII. We have a pacifist, defeatist congress actual sitting down with murderous dictators who are actively in the process of killing Americans. The feckless, incompetent Nancy Pelosi has taken it upon herself to go into the heart of enemy territory and to make believe that she is some kind of peacemaker by interceding with one of our most bitter enemies, the murderer of Prime Minister Hariri in Lebanon, Mr. Assad. While Assad laughs at her (and us) she claims to be representing Israel which of course she does not. How she or the liberals think that this can possible benefit our country is difficult to imagine. How naive can these people possibly be? In their zeal to undercut our military at all costs and weaken our country in the eyes of the world, they advocate attempting to sit down with our enemies to try to “understand” them. Do they not understand that our enemies do not want peace and that they have no terms to discuss? We have a neo Nazi in the Mid East named Ahmedinijad who has told us that he is developing a nuclear bomb to drop on Israel. We have no reason to doubt his sincerity. Instead of doing what is necessary, Ms. Pelosi thinks that she can go to Teheran and convince him that if will just be nice all will be forgiven. And all of this is based not upon our national interest but in an attempt to undercut an unpopular president and score political points. Make no mistake, many serious mistakes were made in the prosecution of the war. Many serious mistakes are made in the prosecution of all wars, the most serious of which probably occurred in the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Back then of course, the object was to turn the mistakes around for victory and for the good of the country, not to focus on defeat and to score political points against a president. I can only wonder what the liberals would be complaining about were it not for the war. They and all of us have certainly done well financially during the last eight years. Instead of celebrating our success, the libs want to undo the tax cuts that have created the new wealth and plunge us into a recession. Or maybe we should follow blindly along the global warming path which will also seriously affect our economy. Why the libs would want to foist economic disaster on us based upon junk science is truly bewildering. Why wouldn’t they want to know the truth? Why do they threaten any scientist who disagrees with them. Science is not based on “consensus”. It is based on fact. There is no such thing as a scientific theory being “proved” because a majority of scientists, many of whom do not even specialize in the area in question, think that something is so. Galileo anyone?

In any event, I stray (there is so much nonsense and hypocrisy on the left that it is hard to stay on course). Back to the similarities between current events and WWII.

In 1936, Chamberlain went to Munich to treat with Hitler and returned with the infamous “Peace in our time” document. In 1939, after Germany invaded Poland and war was declared between France , Britain and Germany, Parliament wanted to examine the debacle that left England at the mercy of Hitler and unprepared for war by attacking Chamberlain and his administration. Churchill, in an address to Parliament state that “If the present tires to sit in judgement on the past, it will lose the future”. Sound familiar? Isn’t that what Pelosi, Reid and company are doing just now? And to what end?

And in 1940, in a message to one of his generals, Churchill wrote : “Although revenge has no part in politics (are you listening in Washington?) and we should always be looking forward rather than back, it would be a miracle to suppose that a solution of our difficulties with Vichy will be resolved by a policy of mere conciliation and forgiveness. … It must be remembered that these men have committed baseness on a scale that has earned them the lasting contempt of the world … . The idea that we can build on such men is vain. …” Again, this is precisely the Democrat play book, make believe you are doing something by making believe that you can talk to people who have never wavered in the commitment to kill us. It makes us look silly and weak. One has to wonder whether even they really believe what they say.

Lastly, on 12/30/40, during one of his fireside chats, Rooselvelt, explaining “lend-lease” to the American public (who for the most part, were still neutral) said “there is a danger ahead – danger against which we must prepare. But we cannot escape danger by crawling into bed and pulling the covers over our heads”. To read these words and view the current position of the libs is actually frightening. For those of you who have been reading my letters over the years, you will be familiar with Santayana’s famous dictum that those who refuse to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. It is too bad that those of us who have learned will suffer along with the fools!

April 1, 2007

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